Forest Bathing Walk

Saturday October 10

9:00 AM  –  11:30 AM

Forest Bathing Walk

Notice what's moving around you. Gently cup your ears forward with your hands, like little deer ears, to amplify the forest sounds. A woodpecker? The breeze rustling in the leaves? Listen to the silence between the sounds. Inhale the aromas of the forest. Balsam? Pine? Feel the mystery of the forest. 

Forest Bathing, translated from the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku, means immersing your senses in nature. Let us guide you on a unique two and a half hour forest walk on snowshoes and help your heighten your senses to all the sights, sounds, smells and textures of an Adirondack forest in winter.

Certified Forest Therapy Guide Suzanne Weirich will lead you on this relaxing journey. More than two decades of research studies have shown that Forest Bathing can lower blood pressure and stress hormones, as well as improve our immune system's ability to fight infection and cancer.  Find more information about Forest Bathing at

Interested but not available on this date? You can book a private on site Forest Bathing walk on the date of your choice. 

Please come prepared for a modest walk in the woods. The walk will begin from The Wild Center parking area, where you will shuttle to the trailhead about five minutes away. This trip runs rain or shine; if weather poses a safety issue, tickets will be refunded.